Research the field of physical therapy


Resource List: Students will be able to perform an internet search to locate scholarly research in the field of physical therapy. Each student must be able to locate clinical practice guidelines, meta-analysis studies, and evidence-based practice for specific topics in physical therapy. Using available resources, textbooks, and journals that expand understanding of physical therapy practice and interventions, respond to the items below.

Find and cite the following:

1. Cochrane review for aquatic exercise and osteoarthritis

2. Cochrane review for exercise and fibromyalgia

3. APA citation for an orthopedic textbook written only for PTAs published after 2018. Find and cite (no links) a research article related to physical therapy on the following topics:

4. Laser/Light Therapy

5. Cryotherapy

6. Biofeedback

7. Diathermy

8. Hydrotherapy

9. Ethics

10. That concerns PTA education:

11. That uses a standardized assessment tool on an orthopedic, neurologic, or pediatric population:


12. Besides the APTA's PT Journal, list 2 other prominent journals that include research by and for PTs and PTAs?

13. List 2 prominent websites (that you have not accessed already in this class) that are accessed by PTs and PTAs and serve as resources to improve their clinical knowledge and level of patient care.

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Biology: Research the field of physical therapy
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