Research summary on distracted driving

Assignment task:

Drews, F. A., Pasupathi, M., & Strayer, D. L. (2008). Passenger and cell phone conversations in simulated

What was the research question that guided the work by Drews et al. (2008)? What was their hypothesis (specific prediction)?

The Independent Variables (IV) is/are:

The Dependent Variable (DV) is/are:

Were the participants randomly assigned to conditions? What is the purpose of random assignment?

What kind of research design did this study use, i.e., descriptive, correlational, or experimental? Explain your answer.

What can you conclude from looking at Figure 1.1?

Based on the Research Summary on Distracted Driving, develop your own research question and hypothesis that is related to the topic. This should be something that researchers could study next to learn more about the topic of Distracted Driving. Tips: The research question identifies what the study will focus on and guides the research process. The hypothesis is based on the research question. It is a statement that makes a prediction about the relationship among the variables in the study (you can use If-Then statements).

Discuss how would you use the data from the Drews et al. (2008) study to address the issue of Distracted Driving (feel free to be creative, you can create a plan or campaign). At the end of your summary, post an open-ended discussion question, one that cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no",


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