Requirements to qualify under the fsw

Problem: Tatiana has recently entered a profile into the Express Entry (EE) system as a candidate under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). She has also met the requirements to qualify under the FSW. Tatiana recently visited a friend in British Colombia (BC), fell in love with the province and has decided she wants to move there. Therefore, in her EE profile, she indicated BC as the province where she would like to live in and is hoping to receive a nomination from the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP) to boost her Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS). When discussing this plan with her friend, Tatiana was told that, to be selected by the BC PNP program, she must have a qualifying job offer by a BC company. Is this true? Question options: No - because entry into the Express Entry does not require arranged employment and therefore Tatiana does not require a job offer. Yes - because, other than the International Postgraduate Stream, a qualifying job offer is required for a BC PNP nomination.

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