Read donnes a valediction forbidding mourning use the

Read Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning." Use the annotated version to assist your understanding of the poem. To get started: Choose a topic and a comparison. What will your topic be and to what can it be compared? Remember to choose a comparison that would originally be thought of as something completely unconnected! Jot down any ideas, phrases, words, etc., about your topic and the comparison you chose. Try arranging these into an outline of a poem, adding and adjusting as you develop your poem. Your poem can rhyme or not; it is up to you! Include the following in your valediction: a conceit, known as an extended metaphor or simile utilizing two unconnected ideas like love and a geometric compass a paradox at least 15 lines a title 

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English: Read donnes a valediction forbidding mourning use the
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