Rate of growth in operating expenses

The subject for this paper will be Whole Foods.NOTE: All calculations must be shown Part I Complete research on your assigned publicly traded company by visiting the company website, investor relation section, and download the company's latest annual report. Write a brief introductory paragraph on the company, including industry, etc. Then calculate for most recent year:

• Rate of growth in sales

• Rate of growth in cost of sales

• Rate of growth in operating expenses

• Rate of growth in Assets Comment on your results.Part II Determine each for the most recent two years, • Operating cash flow • Investing cash flow

• Financing cash flow How healthy is the company from a cash flow standpoint? Comment.Part III Perform the following ratios for the current year and prior year and comment on results: • Profit Margin • Average Collection Period • Total Asset Turnover • Debt to Assets • Inventory Turnover

• Current Ratio

• Quick Ratio

• Times Interest Earned

• Return on Assets

• Return on EquityPart IV Now go to the website of a publicly traded company in the same industry (a competitor of) the above, download the financial statements and calculate for the most current year:

• Return on Equity

• Return on AssetsPart V Now compare the Return on Assets and Return on Equity for the two companies and compare by breaking down the 2 ratios (ROA and ROE) into components by Dupont Analysis for the most recent year. Comment on the results. 

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Finance Basics: Rate of growth in operating expenses
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