Quiznbspendocrine and cardiovascular systems disorders

1. Research found that quality of life was lower due to lack of pain management and spiritual counseling among young adult cancer patients.

2. It is more likely for a higher paid individual with more flexible working circumstances to return to work than someone with less education and a more physically demanding job.

3. Currently there is ________________ in providing cancer survivorship care.

4. Students with cancer during their teens do better when they participate in home schooling and wait until the next school year to integrate back into their normal school.

5. If cancer spreads from one part of the body to another,

6. In surveys about the cancer diagnosis and employment, ___________________.

7. Breast and prostate cancer are most likely to be treated with surgery and some combination of radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy regardless of the stage of the cancer.

8. Risk factors for cancer include all but:

9. Which of the following is not a major concerns in end-of-life care?

10. An annual report shares the ongoing results of the status of cancer in the nation based on 98% of the population.

11. Primary hypertension is the classification given when there is no clear cause.

12. Common disabilities that occur as a result of a stroke include all but _______________.

13. When a blood clot or other debris formed in a distant part of the body is carried to the brain and blocks one of the narrower brain

arteries it is called a_______________________.

14. One of the first things to occur in heart disease is the narrowing of the _________________________ that supply blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the heart muscle.

15. When a blood vessel in the brain leaks or bursts, bleeding occurs into or around the brain stopping or decreasing blood flow to other areas of the brain. This is called a/an ________________________.

16. _______________________ is a simple sugar that all cells use as an energy source.

17. When a blood vessel becomes mostly or totally blocked, _______________________ may result.

18. Diabetes is characterized by __________.

19. _________________ happens with exertion, emotional upset, exposure to cold or overeating, and resolves with rest or from taking a medication.

20. Interruption of normal blood flow to part of the brain is known as __________.

21. Attention is paid in the development of disorders of the autism spectrum to development of ASD symptoms by the eighth year of age.

22. In schizophrenia, there are positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms. These symptoms are exhibited as ____________, ____________, and _______________, respectively.

23. A __________________________ is a type of measurement of several components which could be useful in identifying the risk of an individual developing a specific disorder.

24. A famous example of an institution for mentally ill who could not be cared for by relatives was Bethlem Royal Hospital, universally called "Bedlam."

25. The "war on drugs" is indicative of the sentiment regarding drug use that focuses on strict punishment and deterrence treated by the criminal justice system called:

26. The most current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is referred to as the __________.

27. One of the biggest problems with smoking on a ___________________level is passive or second-hand smoke.

28. _________________________ can be either an alternative method of ingesting tobacco or part of a smoking cessation program.

29. An early term related to a 12-year study of a subculture of people who used heroin, were homeless, and marginalized individuals is ______________________.

30. There is no clear definition for "mental health" short of the absence of mental disorders

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