Provide definition of effective decision making

Problem: Provide your personal definition of effective decision making and problem solving. Describe the steps involved with the decision-making process and the process of problem solving. Include the following elements in your description: What is the focus of each process as defined by your readings? When should you use problem solving, and when should you use decision making? What happens if these processes are ignored or used improperly? What similarities and what differences do you observe about the two processes? What strengths and benefits do each of these processes offer business leaders? What types of tools and techniques are available to help decision-makers and problem-solvers, and what value do they have? (Summarize and generalize; don't list every tool and technique available.) Conclude your paper with a paragraph that summarizes how your thoughts have changed or been enhanced as a result of your readings this module.


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Other Management: Provide definition of effective decision making
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