Provide a preliminary list of references you intend to

To create your outline, you should begin by working with the approved Project Proposal. Your outline must be structured using distinct sections (based on the Project Proposal) that will ensure the application of the concepts and techniques already presented in this module. The different sections of the Project Proposal are as follows:

Project scope statement


Project schedule

Staffing (resource) management plan

Cost estimates

Risk management plan

Communications plan

Quality plan

In this stage, you should provide additional detail under the sections identified. The outline you submit must show clear boundaries between the sections of the Final Project that relate to the following:

Background information

Chosen methodology

Identification of external resources

Analysis and interpretation of results

Conclusions and recommendations

Your outline should also provide a preliminary list of references you intend to consult to support your entire project. In total, your outline should consist of major headings and bullet points and should be 200-500 words in length.

Please make sure that you cite and reference all your outside sources properly, as per the Harvard Referencing System.

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Risk Management: Provide a preliminary list of references you intend to
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