Promoting healthy prenatal

Promoting Healthy Prenatal Development

During a healthy pregnancy, the womb provides a protective environment for the fertilized egg (or zygote) to develop into an embryo, and then into a fetus. This maturation process supports the unfolding of the genetic code that is specific to each individual. However, a child's prenatal environment also has an impact on development. In fact, during this stage, certain adverse conditions may have a profound effect on the developing human being.

As you review pages 96-107 of the course text, think about the conditions that influence prenatal development. Consider the potentially significant impact these conditions may have on a child's development in utero and beyond.

Select two of the conditions discussed in your course text that are of strong interest to you. (If you choose a protective factor, make the second an at-risk condition.) Think about how each might be addressed through advocacy and/or intervention.


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