Process of change on an individual

Question: In this activity, you will apply the concepts and themes that are central to the process of change on an individual, department, or organizational level to reflect on a situation in which a positive response to change could have been encouraged by a more thorough assessment of the stage of change (individual), resistance to change (department or organizational), or collective response to change (systems). Think about an individual, departmental, or organizational change you have been involved in. For example, if you are reflecting on an individual planned change, what stage or stages of change were most applicable to your situation, and how might identifying this stage, or stages, have helped you to move through the change process in positive ways? If you are reflecting on a department or organizational change, what patterns of resistance to change were present in the personal and organizational environment, and how could these have been addressed to help move the team or organization toward the change more productively?



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Other Management: Process of change on an individual
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