Problem related to future research on job satisfaction

Problem: What would be the research strengths, limitations, and future research on job satisfaction and telework survey information below?

During the survey distribution that consisted of 25 questions multiple choice, there were a total of 9 responses I received back. These results allowed me to visually see how the link between job satisfaction and teleworking. It also allowed me to see how many prefer to telework than working in a traditional office setting. The demographics of the participants included 8 females, 1 male, ages ranging between 26-42, with 4 participants being 43 and older. There were 5 participants who were married, 1 participant who was divorced, and 3 participants who were never married. There were 8 participants who were employed whether full-time or part-time, and 1 participant who was not employed.

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Other Subject: Problem related to future research on job satisfaction
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