Problem regarding the different solutions strategies

Problem: As he and his grade team prepare for the week ahead, the following exchange takes place. Ms. Wilson: My students are consistently solving problems using diagrams of base ten blocks successfully. However, they are choosing that strategy even when there are others that might be more efficient and could be performed mentally. I'll have them solve the problem on their own. Then, I am going to focus our discussion on unpacking the "Counting On by Ones to the Next Decade" strategy, so they can add it to their strategy toolbelt. Ms. Fayette: I am going to do things a little bit differently. I can tell my students are confused and frustrated by trying to keep track of all these different solutions strategies. I am going to have them underline the subtraction key words in the word problem and use the standard algorithm instead of the suggested solution strategies.

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Other Management: Problem regarding the different solutions strategies
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