Problem regarding doing an informational interview

Assignment Task:

Length: 1100-1300 words plus doing an Informational Interview; your questions do NOT contribute to the word count total.

This assessment has two parts and you must do both parts. Please submit a Word document.

Part 1: Informational Interview and reflection. Conduct an Informational Interview with a person in your future industry or a relevant and useful professional. Offer a detailed reflection on the interview that includes:

  • The name of the person, their title and their company; If you cannot provide your interviewee's name, title, company and contact information, you MUST choose another person to interview. Please inform your interviewee that they may be contacted to verify the interview. Record the interview if possible.
  • 3-4 key insights you gained and why they are important to you and your future career, including on how AI is or may affect the industry of your interviewee (300 words)
  • A reflection on how you organised the interview, how you prepared and how it went - consider what you would do differently next time; (100 words)
  • Discuss how the interview has changed your view of your future career field and/or what adjustments you will make going forward because of it; (100 words)
  • Include a list of 10 open-ended questions you used in the interview, including at least two questions on AI (This does NOT contribute to the word count)

 Post: How to Get the Most Out of an Informational Interview by Rebecca Knight

Post: Against Informational Interviews By L.V. ANDERSO

Refer to the above

*NB - the relevant readings and mini lectures will help you plan and conduct your interview.

Part 2: Career Plan. Give a Career Plan that includes:

  • a Professional Profile Statement, which is a polished and tight paragraph that articulates your aspirations and motivations. (sixty-eighty words)
  • a Self-Evaluation of Skills, with specific evidence to support 2-3 of these; (120 words)
  • a Self-Evaluation of Skills to develop, with specific reasons why, related to your future career; (120 words)
  • 3 SMART goals that address Presentation Skills, Communication, Time Management. (150-200 words)
  • A consideration of how you might plan for the impact of AI in your career development. (100-150 words)
  • Identify a specific networking activity that you can do in the next two years. This can be an organisation, club, individual, volunteer opportunity, event or unit that will help you gain information, knowledge and even experience. Provide specific details such as names and when you might give this and explain why it will help you. (100 words)

Your Career Plan should include your name at the top and headers for each section.

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