Problem on crashes head-on into another vehicle


Bert and Maria have been to a New Year's Eve party. Both have had too much to drink. While driving home, the bleary-eyed Bert turns the wrong way down a one-way street and immediately crashes head-on into another vehicle. Ramon, the driver of the other vehicle, suffers minor bruises because his airbag deploys but Maria, who is not wearing her seatbelt, is thrown against the dashboard. She suffers a skull fracture and several other serious injuries to her face and torso. A blood test reveals that Bert's BAC is 0.13. Bert has committed: Question Answer a. intoxication assault as to Maria. b. intoxication assault as to Maria and Ramon. c. intoxication assault as to Ramon but not Maria because her injuries were the result of her failure to wear her seatbelt. d. none of the above because the collision was unavoidable and not related to Bert's intoxicated condition.


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Business Law and Ethics: Problem on crashes head-on into another vehicle
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