Problem concerning stealing a tray of pizza

Problem: During a visit to Pizza Hut, Peter was stopped by a security guard of Pizza Hut as he left the Hut, accusing him of stealing a tray of pizza from the Hut. After briefly looking into his backpack, the security guard determined that Peter did not steal. The guard apologized to her and released him. On these facts, Pizza Hut will likely:

a. Win the case, but only if a court concludes that the guard had reasonable cause to believe Peter may have shoplifted, detained him for a reasonable time, and in a reasonable manner.

b. Lose the case because Peter did not shoplift.

c. Lose the case because the security guard did not have a warrant.

d. Win the case, because the shopkeepers' privilege statute gives store merchants unconditional immunity (protection) from such lawsuits.


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Business Law and Ethics: Problem concerning stealing a tray of pizza
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