Problem based on completing a journal entry

Assignment task: I need help completing a journal entry.

You will document your development of the SLU Core Value of personal development in terms of your understanding of the application course content to your life. Each journal entry will be one to two pages in 12 point font. The entire Application Assignment is due in Module 8. Please review the Rubric for these journal entries under PROGRESS for complete requirements.

For this week you will download the free sleep cycle app and monitor your sleep behavior for 5 days.

The application requires you to leave your phone beside your bed to "listen" to your breathing while you are in bed. It will note your awake, sleep, and deep sleep states. It also provides a so called "sleep quality" measure.

You will keep a record of the nightly statistics and discuss your findings based on the concepts learning in this week's module.

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of this app. Consider how useful or not this application is in learning about your nightly sleep quality.

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Other Subject: Problem based on completing a journal entry
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