Prepare to conduct site set-out


Task 1 Prepare to Conduct Site Set-out While being observed by the assessor, access and review current project plans and your workplace's site set out procedures. Your assessor will be asking you questions to assess your understanding of these plans in preparation for the site set-out you will conduct in Task 2. The assessor must record the candidate's responses in the spaces provided below. You will be assessed on: • Practical knowledge of project plans, site set-out procedures. • Practical skills in accessing and reviewing project plans and site set-out procedures. Before starting this task, review the Workplace Assessment Task 1 - Observation Form provided along with this workbook. This form lists all the practical skills you need to demonstrate while completing this task. Your assessor will also: • Provide you with a copy of policies and procedures relevant to conducting site set-out and discuss these policies and procedures with you. • Organise workplace resources required for you to complete this assessment. • Discuss with you the requirements listed in the Observation Form prior to the assessment. • Address your queries and concerns regarding this task. After completing this task, submit the following to your assessor: • Copy of project

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Other Management: Prepare to conduct site set-out
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