Prepare a financial analysis

1. You are asked to prepare a financial forecast for Joan Roberts, the Managing Director and owner of a retail fashion line, whose market share and profits have been steadily dropping over the last two years. Ms. Roberts claims to be "bored" with financial jargon and says she only cares about her mission of funding social change. What is your response to Ms. Roberts about the role we "money-conscious finance people" play in achieving her goals? How would you go about preparing her financial forecast?

2. The CEO of Dewers LLC has been focused on increasing the size of the company and maximizing current profits. A coworker, aware of your expertise in the field of finance, asks you if the CEO's actions are creating an agency problem, and if so, the options that are available to the shareholders to resolve this problem. How would you answer your coworker?

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Finance Basics: Prepare a financial analysis
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