Penitentiary ideal and models of american prison


The ideal for penitentiary is to keep the criminals off the streets, so that he or she cannot continue to commit crime in the society. Penitentiary ideal purposes were both secular and spiritual (Fosterhe Penitentiary Ideal," 2006). The two prison models are Eastern State and Auburn. Explain the difference between both of the two prison models. The differences are the cell's size, exercise yard, confinement to the cells, and the places that the inmates work at in the penitentiary. Penitentiary has its own benefits and drawback because no system is perfect. Some benefits are inmates not allowed to communicate with the other inmates, way that the penitentiary has the inmates working instead of his or her staying in the cell doing nothing during the day. Some drawback is that the inmates at Eastern State do not see other people during the day and for Auburn the inmates are interacting with each other on a daily basic, and it could cause problem with some of the inmates. The winning model is the Auburn because of it is affordable, productivity, and efficient management. The Eastern State is the idea penitentiary but the government has to use the affordable method that found.

Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper

The ideal of penitentiary is for the criminals have a place that isolated him or her away from other people. The penitentiary is a place that posted to be clean and healthy for the inmates. In addition, it a place that ensures the punishment the judge gives to the criminals and other punishment while in the penitentiary (Foster, "Chapter 2/The Penitentiary Ideal," 2006).

The criminals are able to think about his or her wrongdoing and try to accomplish a change in life while incarcerated. In the penitentiary, it should be rough because people cannot do what he or she pleases. Inmates have to follow certain rules to avoided punishment or lock up in solitary confinement. The people who works in the penitentiary has a little freedom than inmates who refuse to work while he or she locked up. Penitentiary is a safe place to keep criminals so that people who been caught is not out on the street to keep committing crime in the society. The penitentiary goal is to isolate the criminals from society and other inmates, so that he or she can rehabilitate him or herself to return to society as a different person.

The two prison models are Eastern State and Auburn. Eastern State model considered as a penitentiary and Auburn model not considered as a penitentiary (Foster, "Chapter 2/The Penitentiary and the 1800s," 2006).

The cells sizes are different; Eastern State has seven long cell blocks that 30 feet tall and about 10 feet long by eight feet wide, and Auburn cells are seven feet long by three and a half feet wide by seven feet tall(Foster, "Chapter 2/The Penitentiary and the 1800s," 2006). The Eastern State model has an exercise yard while Auburn does not have one. The inmates at Eastern State are in isolated confinement and Auburn is only confinement to isolation at night to sleep. The inmates are in confinement the entire time of incarceration and work in his or her cell at Eastern State. In Auburn, the inmates are group in three level of control, which is complete solitary to group work. Both models have its own way to control the population in the penitentiary or prison, whichever way it wants to call itself.

The benefits of each model are the different way that the penitentiary controls the inmates so that he or she can change his or her life around. The benefits from Eastern State model is that it does not allow the inmates to interacted with the other inmates or guards. With the confinement to his or her cell, this makes it where the inmates cannot fight or cause problem for anyone else in the penitentiary.

The other benefit of the Eastern State model is that the inmates had a place to exercise instead of in his or her cell. The benefits from Auburn model are that the inmates can see other inmates even though it had to be silent in the prison. The drawback from Eastern State is that inmates could not interact with other inmates or guards, so that he or she can see different faces during the day. The drawback of Auburn model is that the inmates did not has a place other than his or her cell to exercise, and the inmates could start problems with the other inmates during the day because of the interaction with other. Every penitentiary will have it benefits and drawback because no system is perfect.

The model that was considering the winning model is the Auburn model because it was affordable, productivity, and efficient management (Foster, "Chapter 2/ Contrasting Models: And the Winner Is?," 2006). Even though the Eastern State was the one that people thought was the closer idea of a penitentiary for punishment (Foster, "Chapter 2/ Contrasting Models: And the Winner Is?," 2006). The Auburn model is one that people could use over time because of the productivity will bring in profit for the government to run the prison. People can look forward to the prison when it is affordable instead of one that need more guard and money to run the penitentiary for the inmates. The penitentiary that can allow the inmates interact and work as a group benefits from the products that made and the workmanship of the inmates working together. Prison do not just benefit from the government sponsoring the prison but from the inmates pitching in to keep the prison clean and producing product that make the prison money in the long-run.

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