Pattons phantom army and the d day invasion critique of a

Denial & Deception Critique

As described in the Syllabus, conduct a critique of a Denial and Deception effort of your choice. This critique will be your final Assignment.

The following are suggested topics for your critique of a Denial and Deception effort: The current selection is intended to provide a variety of interesting examples of Denial and Deception from different time periods, in military and non-military applications from which you may select your topic. There is sufficient information available on each one to enable you to do a thorough job using open sources. If you wish to critique some effort not listed, please coordinate the topic with your instructor.

1.) Patton's phantom army and the D Day Invasion
2.) Shwarzkopf's threat of a Persian Gulf landing against Saddam
3.) India's nuclear testing deception
4.) Drug trafficker operations to keep the Andean Air Bridge operating
5.) Serbian deception of the US and NATO during the air war
6.) Sadat's deception of Israel in launching the 1973 Arab-Israeli War
7.) Allenby's deceptions against Arab forces in Palestine
8.) Joshua's operations against Jericho
9.) Kruschev's effort to emplace missiles in Cuba
10.) Greek use of the Trojan Horse

Set the stage of the situation and identify: the major players; their interests and objectives; the reason for deciding upon Denial and Deception; the objectives of the effort; the mechanics of the effort; their effects on the situation; and their effects on the overall situation. Finally, make a judgment on whether the effort was a success, or a failure, and why.

Format: You should format your paper using the standards provided by the Turabian writing manual (i.e. 1-inch margins on all 4 sides, double spaced (without an extra space between paragraphs or subheadings, 12-point font). For a quick guide see the "author-date" style at While this is only a quick guide it will help get you started. It is highly recommended that you pick up a copy of the latest Turabian manual (even the 7th edition would do) as it is used across INTL courses.

You should have a standard title page that includes the title of your paper, your name, course, and date. In the syllabus it was noted that you use be using the Turabian author-date referencing style, this means that you should also have a coordinating references list at the end of your critique.

Your paper should be 10-12 pages in length and utilize a minimum of 10 sources, 8 of which must be from peer-reviewed journals (if you have question about peer-reviewed sources and how to find them check out these helpful library links).

• What does "peer reviewed" mean?
• How do I find peer reviewed journals or articles?
• Are books considered "scholarly" publications?
• Why aren't websites like Wikipedia, blogs or considered to be scholarly?

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