Part ii of the emergency plan which is part of the final

A draft with brief description of items to be covered in each of the eight areas of the plan.

Part II of the Emergency Plan, which is part of the final course project, requires that students expand upon the eight areas that were identified in Part I in Unit II. Students must first review any feedback provided by the instructor to the Part I submission to ensure that the identified areas were appropriate before proceeding with Part II. In Part II of the emergency plan, students will be required to provide an overview of the actions or steps that must be considered when planning for each of the eight areas identified in Part I. For each area, this will include (but will not be limited to): (1) identifying the impacted segment(s) of the Metropolis, FL population, business community, government  agency, or other relevant entities; (2) explaining why the identified segment(s) are the focus of this area of the plan; and (3) providing a high-level overview of the proposed actions for each area.



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English: Part ii of the emergency plan which is part of the final
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