Overview of the prealphabetic phase


Students read and answer the following:

(1) As a teacher, have you ever taught lower elementary grades? If so, how did you teach your students to recognize words? sight words, high-frequency words, etc. What strategies did you use to execute this process? If you have never taught lower elementary, reflect on your own learning, even your current process for pronouncing unfamiliar words, etc.

(2) Look at this word, "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" how would you begin to pronounce it, using what decoding process?

(3) Submit an overview of the Prealphabetic Phase, Partial Alphabetic Phase, full alphabetic phrase, and consolidated Alphabetic Phase.

(4) Expound on the research that has been done on Strategies that enhance word recognition.

Required Text: Teaching Strategic Processes in Reading, 2nd Edition, Almasi, Janice & Fullerton, Susan King

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