New digital system was put in place to manage

Question: I started a new position 2 years ago taking over a new program that was brought to our city. The system was already in place doing everything by hand. A new digital system was put in place to manage this program. I had to sit down with the developers and learn how other cities use the program, take notes, and think about how this system would affect the city and customers. By this being a new program for us and no one ever using it I had to review the information multiple times to reinforce it in my memory by reading and writing. While meeting with the builders of this new system I had to actively engage with them while teaching, ask questions, summarize key points and practice repetitively. I am very good with visualization, so I wrote things down in color and kept notes of the information to refer to. Now it's been two years and I feel like I am a pro with it.



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Other Management: New digital system was put in place to manage
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