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1. Which of the following artists declared that artists should "paint things not as they are, but as they feel


A. Vincent van Gogh

B. Édouard Manet

C. Paul Cézanne

D. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

2. Which of the following elements is not present in The Abduction of Rebecca by Eugène Delacroix?

A. Curved lines

B. Pale colors

C. Literary figures

D. Variation in brushstrokes

3. Which of the following painters was often seen wearing male attire?

A. Rosa Bonheur

B. Berthe Morisot

C. Angelica Kauffman

D. Paulina Borghese

4. Monet achieved heightened color effects by

A. painting outdoors.

B. placing colors side by side rather than mixing them.

C. using dots of colors.

D. painting only in the sunlight.

5. Which artist developed the painting method of Pointillism?

A. Seurat

B. Monet

C. Renoir

D. Manet

6. Which painter's work was never accepted by other Impressionist artists?A. MOnet

B. Delacroix

C. Toulouse-Lautrec

D. Seurat

7. The artist _______ trained to be a lawyer.

A. Paul Gauguin

B. Pablo Picasso

C. Henri Matisse

D. Emil Nolde

8. Which of the following was true of the Age of Reason?

A. People valued science over faith.

B. People justified their faith using scientific principles.

C. People debated the raison d'être.

D. People used science to explain social experiences.

9. What does Gainsborough's The Blue Boy depict?

A. The son of a merchant

B. William, the young hero of a romantic novel

C. A son of Charles I

D. A contemporary view of St. George

10. Some of the consequences of the economic depression that devastated Germany in the years following

World War I are

A. chronicled in the paintings of Otto Dix.

B. manifest in the gouaches of René Magritte.

C. the subject of Giorgio di Chirico paintings.

D. portrayed in Picasso's Guernica.

11. The Surrealists painters and Sigmund Freud were interested in exploring the dream state. In that

respect, their explorations are reminiscent of the artistic inquiries of which of the following painters?

A. Picasso

B. Braque

C. de Chirico

D. Renoir

12. Some people are perplexed by the meaning of Salvador Dalí's paintings because the artist portrayed

A. hallucinatory self-portraits.

B. irrational dream states.

C. religious doctrines in an arbitrary manner.

D. non-naturalistic machine images.

13. What were Realists inspired by?

A. Problems in the world

B. Reinterpretation of myths

C. Political issues

D. Contemporary scientific study

14. Which of these artistic values is most apparent in the sculpture of Constantin Brancusi?

A. Sensuality

B. Ornamentation

C. Emotional expression

D. Purity

15. By which primitive art form was Pablo Picasso known to have been inspired?

A. African masks

B. Eskimo carvings

C. Ice Age cave paintings

D. Neolithic amulets

16. What was the nude depicted as in Édouard Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe?

A. A model of chastity

B. A model of motherhood

C. A prostitute

D. A goddess

17. Which one of the following artists painted The Great Wave?

A. Claude Monet

B. Kitagawa Utamaro

C. Katsushika Hokusai

D. Angelica Kauffmann

18. _______ used pure colors from the tube and not those of the natural world.

A. Impressionists

B. Fauves

C. Expressionists

D. Cubists

19. Which one of the following artists was considered the "father" of the Impressionist movement?

A. Degas

B. Monet

C. Renoir

D. ManetEnd of exam

20. Which French leader was embarrassed by a sculpture of himself naked?

A. Louis XIV

B. Marat

C. Charlemagne

D. Napoleon

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