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Cold Chiller Corporation (CCC) has annual sales of $10 million, cost of goods sold of 60 percent, average age of inventory of 80 days, average collection period of 35 days, average payment period of 30 days, and purchases that are 60 percent of cost of goods sold. How much does CCC have invested in its cash conversion cycle assuming a 365-day year?











1. According to the sustainable growth model, if a firm finances its assets with 65 percent debt and 35 percent equity, and retains $3.85 million in earnings in a given year, the firm can afford to borrow an additional _______ to maintain the desired mix of debt and equity.


$7.15 million


$7.85 million


$4.3 million


$5.1 million


none of the above


  1. The trade-offs a firm must weigh when it expands depend on which of these factors?

how rapidly the firm plans to grow


how profitable its existing business is


how efficiently it manages its assets


how much financial leverage it is willing to bear


all of the above



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