Market structure degree of competition and the availability

The written paper should have sections on the degree of the existing competition and the characteristics of the rival producers/organizations; the characteristics of the buyers and the potential demand for the product; and the strategy of the start- up business for pricing with regards to elasticity, production and maintaining it's competitive advantage. Finally, a critical analysis of the findings and conclusion and the implications for the start-up business need to be addressed in the paper.

The specific components of the proposed start up business should include:
• Product description
• Scope of the market
• Market Structure
• Degree of competition, availability of substitute and barriers to entry
• Potential demand
• Elasticity
• Industry Trends

The written plan should specifically address the following:

a. Product and the initial and future scope of the market (local, national, international/global) intends to serve.

b. Market structure, degree of competition and the availability of substitutes initially and in the future, locally and globally for the proposed product.

c. Various barriers to entry to the market in which the proposed business will compete.

d. Demand and buyers of the proposed product.

e. Price, income and cross elasticity of demand for the proposed product and their influence on the various pricing and production strategies of the proposed business.

f. Current and future industry trendsof the proposed business.

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Microeconomics: Market structure degree of competition and the availability
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