Legal precedents that should be taken into considerations

Problem: Mr. Rutherford has an employee, Ms. X, who has been a very good employee with excellent evaluations for over 10 years. She works in one of outlying plants and is responsible for using appropriate machinery to move materials necessary for production. However, over the past two years, the company has decided that it need to increase it's productivity and the machines Ms. X has used in the past are being phased out for efficiency purposes. The company is now requiring employees in Ms. X's type of position to change the way they work and now be able to lift loads of material more quickly. Ms. X has not been able to meet this requirement, even though she has tried. Management has asked Mr.

Rutherford his opinion as to how the company could fire Ms. X since they feel she is not meeting her quota.

To Be Considered: Are there any laws or legal precedents that should be taken into consideration?

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Other Subject: Legal precedents that should be taken into considerations
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