Journals serve a number of purposes--all of which are

Please try to compine betwine the freedom paper and your writing about reading freedom at library.

Journal: Your journals are unstructured writings where personal reflection, learning, and integration can be recorded for this class and your volunteer experiences. The process of "journaling" is a very effective way to integrate and learn from the experiences of life. Journals serve a number of purposes--all of which are useful in learning and accumulating knowledge and wisdom.

Journals need to be reflective and indicate how the learning has been integrated. This means that you can reflectively write on anything but, for our class purposes, you need to reflect on your volunteer experience. Journals should reflect on what you have learned about yourself, your connection to humanity, your community, others, our social and political system, the use of theoretical perspectives to understand individual and community problems, and how you have, or intend to, integrate this learning into your life. Your journal submissions will also be graded using a grading system similar to that used for your readings.

There is not a specific number of journal entries or topics required in your journal, except that reflective journaling of your volunteer experience is required.

Journaling should not be merely an activity report of daily activities at your volunteer site. They are reflections on the learning that has occurred while engaged in the process of the class--especially your volunteer work. Significant events should be the focus of your journaling. A significant event can be anything that stimulates learning or is used to stimulate learning by reflection and thought. Journals are kept by the student. A journal entry will, in all likelihood, be written at every volunteer contact. However, you may journal on other topics in addition. A sample will be reviewed by the instructor towards the end of the semester or session. The final version of your journals are to be turned in at the end of the semester or session.

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English: Journals serve a number of purposes--all of which are
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