Incorporate a heightened level of communicatory standards


Many organizations have a strategy implemented that will enable a company to achieve its goals and remain profitable. However, with the same measure of tenacity in strategic planning, unethical practices could be eliminated. "An effective organizational culture should encourage ethical behavior and discourage unethical behavior." (Sims, 1992). An ethical strategy (if properly positioned within an organization) could reduce the number of unethical business practices.

Organizations must incorporate a heightened level of communicatory standards that would build awareness of what is and is not acceptable behavior. Ethical standards and unethical behavior must be quickly identified. Most organizations have a policies and procedures manual with a section geared specifically towards ethics. "Many executives, administrators, and social scientists see unethical behavior as a cancer working on the fabric of society in too many of today's organizations and beyond." (Sims, 1992).

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Business Law and Ethics: Incorporate a heightened level of communicatory standards
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