Importance of humanitarianism and intelligence

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Introduction: Worldview

Worldview, as per the reading is the globalized perspective of analyzing of worldly importance to ensure that the matter is covered through humanitarianism and intelligence.

Question of Origin

In accordance to the world view from biblical perspective is that the world is created by God and he is the reason for life in this world. The standards in biblical perspective are particular with regard to Origin explanation which depicts that heavens and the land has been created by God (Genesis 1:1, HCSB) along with providing explanation of the fact that mankind has been created by God taking him out of the earth's depth. The birth and death of all human kind was established by God (Psalms 139:16-16, HCSB).

Question of Identity

On the other hand, identity question from the world view of biblical perspective explains that there are two kinds of creations in this world which are inclusive of physical reality and spiritual reality (Corinthians 15:45-49, HSCB). In addition, it also stated that the creation of everything on this earth has taken place through the dust present in the image of God along with composed from the nature.

Question of Purpose of Life

In accordance to the 2nd Corinthians 6: 16, the main aim in the world for every individual born here is to take the walk of life and start dwelling within the God's essence. Also, the bible has provided illustration of what life means with regard to the fact that in this life God has comforted us and we have to show the same to other people in the world.

Question of Morality

In accordance to this, the biblical perspective entails that there is an ethical code established by God and God himself and therefore when the true nature of God is revealed, we do not understand it as we cannot imitate it. However, not only the actions of everyone in the society should be moral but also their thoughts.

Question of Destiny

It has been taught by the Bible that man has been created with a capacity to make choices on moral grounds and the consequence of that choice is faced by him only because he is responsible for it. The negative fate of man was never decided by God but Man was given free will and he choose what will happen next and he bears the consequences of his wrong choices (Genesis 3)


Human beings, as per the Biblical perspective, are considered God's servant and they all have to fulfill the purpose with which they are born in the world. The purpose is specifically to serve the humankind along with following what is destined through the God's hand to them without any complaint. They have to learn the importance of human life which is a bliss given to all of them.

Being human is another name for being morally upright in life. One has to keep his personal interests aside and look for the welfare of the common humanity at first. The Biblical concept explains that vicious life leads to hell while a morally high life brings all sorts of worldly pleasures along with a chance to win the God's favorite seat reserved in heaven.


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