Identify contradictory theories



For your Final Project, you will write a Literature Review. In this paper, you will analyze, synthesize, and evaluate scholarly work related to a research-based instructional method. You will use what you have learned to form a personal teaching philosophy.

Literature Reviews group similar theories, studies, and findings together in categories; identify contradictory theories or findings about the problem topic; and conclude by suggesting further research needed to strengthen what we know about the aspect of effective instruction identified as the problem topic.


In your paper, you will present what is currently known about the instructional method you select. If you have not yet chosen a topic based on your own experience or previous studies, see the Bullmaster literature review in Unit 2 for topic ideas.

The Format of Your Literature Review

Your 8 to 12 page paper will follow APA (6th edition) style guidelines and should follow a topic-centered format:

1. Introduction of problem topic. The introduction section should preview what aspects of your topic have been written about and researched by others. This is where you will introduce the subtopics by which your review is organized.

2. The body of your paper should be organized into the subtopic sections previewed in the introduction, synthesizing scholars' theories and research findings in relation to each of these subtopics, and identifying contradictory theories or findings.

3. Your paper should end with a summary of research findings, at least threeconclusions that can be drawn, and a list of at least threeimplications for further research. In your summary, also craft and include a brief (1-2 paragraphs) personal teaching philosophy. Explain how your research has contributed to your teaching philosophy.

You must cite at least 10 sources. These should include both peer-reviewed journal articles that report actual research, and theoretical articles or books on your selected instructional method.

Note: Be sure to include articles that address both instruction and assessment, as they relate to your chosen topic.

For further guidelines on APA style, visit APA Style Central, under Academic Tools in the Brightspace menu. For additional resources for writing your Final Project, visit the Academic Support Center, also found under Academic Tools. Click on the Writing Center link found under the Get Help From section. Then, click on the Writing Reference Library link, and access the Writing Process section.

This Final Project meets the following course outcomes:

1: Evaluate studies on effective teaching and learning for applicability in the classroom.

2: Examine research-based instruction and assessment activities.

3: Design differentiated instruction for diverse learners based upon proven methods.

4: Plan action research studies that address instructional problems observed in the classroom.

5: Apply research on effective teaching to a personal teaching philosophy.

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