Identify an issue in your community that the needs

Part A-

Imagine that you have identified an issue within your community and are going to do a needs assessment.

Create a detailed outline that you will use to compose a letter that explains the selected community needs assessment tool to your community.

Address the following in your outline:

Identify an issue in your community that the needs assessment will be focusing on and provide a brief history of the problem.

Describe the necessary steps in the planning process for determining which needs assessment tool will be used.

Explain the assessment tool that will be used.

Discuss the plans for implementing the needs assessment tool.

Part B - Tobacco Use in Our Community

Navigate to the CDC Website (Centers for Disease Control).

Please note, this assignment will require you to locate a document from the CDC.

In the search bar type in, "Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs".

Create a 350- to 700-word summary of the key points from the introduction, state and community interventions, paying close attention to key domains, 1-4. This document is quite long, you will find this document is comprehensive, and has lots of information. Focus attention on what is needed to complete the work.

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Other Subject: Identify an issue in your community that the needs
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