Hw politics and power-play may have influenced organization



Power and politics greatly influence an organization's culture. In business, the culture can make or break an organization's productivity. In assignment, you'll analyze the ways power and politics have influenced an organization's culture. You'll apply best practices you learned in course resources and your own research to make recommendations for improving this organization's culture.


Imagine the CEO has now requested your task force investigate the influence of power and politics on the corporate culture. You have been asked to prepare a position paper that presents and supports your recommendations to improve the culture. Prepare for this assignment by delving into the organization's culture and identifying the resources you, the task force leader, will use to create your research-supported position paper. Use at least two quality resources such as the course textbook, company website, business websites (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.), resources from the Strayer Library, and/or outside sources.

Develop your position paper, addressing the following components:

1. Influence of Politics and Power

Explain how politics and power-play may have influenced the organization's culture.

2. Sources of Power

Explore the sources of power and describe how management could use this influence to benefit your department and improve organizational performance.

3. Leadership Behavior and Culture

Make recommendations that support how the study of power and politics could influence leadership behavior and improve the organization's culture.

4. Leadership Influence

Discuss the importance and complexity of leadership behavior. How does it influence organizational structure and performance?

5. Executive Summary

Prepare an executive summary that presents your recommendations for ways in which the organization could build a stronger culture.

Your assignment must follow these general APA formatting requirements:

Be typed (five to seven pages recommended, excluding cover and reference pages), double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12) with one-inch margins on all sides

Include a References List

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment

Include in-text citations following APA style, using attributive tags and signal verbs

You should Cite at least two credible sources

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