How you update idea to resonate with todays audiences

Problem: After watching the Fred/Alan IDs, can you tell that MTV and Nickelodeon were targeting different audiences? (For example, teenagers vs. kids, or people interested in music television vs. narrative cartoons?) What are some specific moments that illustrate those differences?

Please include a link to a music video that we did not watch this week that you think has noteworthy animation in it. This shouldn't be simply a video that you think is cool- find one that you think should be included in a History of Animation class, and tell us why using specific examples. For example, perhaps the animation uses a unique technique, or maybe it's drawn really intricately, or maybe it's blended with the live action in an interesting way, or maybe it quotes another piece of famous animation, etc.

If you had to take one of the Fred/Alan IDs and re-imagine it today as an online ad or bumper, what would you change? How would you update the idea to resonate with today's audiences? Make sure to describe which ID you are basing your new idea off of, and give specific examples of what you would change. Think about what is popular in mass culture today and what viewers are looking for from a brand or piece of entertainment.

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Other Subject: How you update idea to resonate with todays audiences
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