How to be a culturally sensitive nurse

Problem: Make a group presentation based on the below case study on how to be a culturally sensitive nurse and communicate effectively. Case study The Aged Care Facility you work in has many staff members from different ethnic backgrounds. It is Australia Day, and the facility is celebrating with a sausage sizzle. Kate is a support worker from Argentina and is new to the facility. She is very assertive. She is bringing clients from their rooms to the courtyard. Mrs Fatima refuses, saying it is her praying time. Mrs Fatima informs Kate that she will take another twenty (20) minutes before coming to the event. Kate tells her that she will be helping with the cooking, and she will not come back to help Mrs Fatima. Kate walks out of Mrs Fatima's room without waiting for her response. Mrs Fatima became upset with Kate's arrogant attitude. You overheard the conversation and saw Kate walking out of Mrs Fatima's room.

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