How the protestant reformation impact europe

Review the Textbook: Judith Coffin, Western Civilizations: Their History and Culture, volume 2. (Eighteenth Edition)

Then ,response to the following:


1. The Renaissance

2. Indulgences

3. The Council of Trent

4. The Peasant's Rebellion

5. Columbian Exchange

6. Versailles

7. The Scientific Revolution

8. The Copernican Revolution

9. Galileo

10. The Enlightenment

11. John Locke

12. The Estate System

13. The Declaration of the Rights of Man

14. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy

15. The Reign of Terror

16. The Napoleonic Code

According to the topics above answers those questions below on short paragraph:

1. Define the Renaissance. What were its characteristics? Why did it start in Italy in the 14th Century?

2. What were the reasons for the development of overseas expansion in the 15th century.

3. How the Protestant Reformation impact Europe?

4. Define Absolutism. How did Louis XIV maintain power in France?

5. What were the causes of the French Revolution?

6. Why did the French Revolution become more radical?

7 . What issues and events led to the fall of Napoleon?

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History: How the protestant reformation impact europe
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