How student behavior changes based on differ environment

Case Scenario - Record their behavior only: Research how a student behavior changes based on different environments. (Write over 250 words per setting)

1. Classroom Setting: The student enters the classroom, takes a seat at the back, and pulls out a notebook and pen. The teacher begins the lecture, and the student starts taking notes, occasionally pausing to listen more intently. The student raises their hand twice to ask questions. When the teacher assigns group work, the student collaboratively engages with peers, contributing ideas and taking turns in the discussion

2. Cafeteria Setting: In the cafeteria, the student sits with a group of friends. They engage in animated conversation, laughing and gesturing frequently. They eat their lunch while talking, occasionally checking their phone. They help a friend clean up a spilled drink and share their dessert with another friend.

3. Home Setting: At home, the student goes straight to their room. They sit at their desk, put on headphones, turn on their computer, and start doing homework. They take short breaks to check their phone or grab a snack. The student also helps with household chores when asked by a family member. They spend the rest of the evening alternating between studying and relaxing activities like reading or watching TV. Seems focused and dedicated to their tasks

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