How does your wordle communicate what you have learned and

Discussion: From Passion to Action.

Engage in a journey back in time when you first started this Master''s degree program. Reflect on the courses you have taken, your learning experiences, and the interactions you have had with colleagues, instructors, and professionals in the early childhood field. In the Foundation course,you met, via video, early childhood professionals who embody advocacy leadership, and passion. Throughout your program of study, you have been confronted, time and again, with issues in the field and the ways in which the early childhood profession and people like you can make a difference. Moreover, at every junction, you have been asked: What are effective ways to promote the well-being of young children, their families, and the early childhood field?

This week''s multimedia presentation, Merging Vision, Passion, and Practice," bursts with key terms and concepts designed to evoke memories and provoke your thinking about your learning experiences in this program. The Walden videos invite you to think about how individuals can affect positive social change.

To prepare for this Discussion:
Reflect on the knowledge and issues that have challenged you thinking and have spoken to your professional soul. As you review the multimedia presentation, ask yourself, what issues and challenges related to the early childhood field are of the most interested to me? Which inspire me to be an advocate for positive social change?

Choose four or five issues that are of the most interest to you and proceed to to create your own Wordle made up of your own words, terms, concepts that describe the issues you choose. (Note: Be sure to follow the "Advanced" directions so the Wordle you create will show not only the issues you chose, but also how you priortize these issues).

Then, Please answer all the questions.

*How does your Wordle communicate what you have learned, and what has inspired you during your program of study?

*Why do these specific issues resonate with your professional passion?

*What does it mean to you to be an agent of positive social change in the field of early childhood?

At this time in the course, in what way(s) would you like to make a positive change in the field?

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