How does the americanization of the globalization process


Read the relevant chapters and lecture notes. Answer any four (4) questions.

The final exam consists of four (4) essay questions.

  1. Discuss ways in which media globalization contributes to both homogenization and diversity in the countries of the world. Give examples.
  2. How does Hollywood symbolize the "Americanization" of the globalization process? Using Tyrell's reading, explain how Hollywood's domination is likely to increase despite the emergence of non-western film industries.
  3. What makes "fundamentalism" a distinctly global phenomenon? How does Lechner assess its likely impact?
  4. What makes a social problem global? Discuss features of the contemporary world that make national, regional, or local problems global.
  5. According to Pleyers, Evans and Keck and Sikkink, countering the neoliberal belief and policy practice in deregulation, particularly related to the environment, is possible. How is this the case for them? In effect, how do social advocacy groups working on the environment successfully affect change? Do you believe that this type of advocacy network can stop climate change?
  6. How does the reading "Another World is Possible" indict the current form of globalization? What principles should guide institutions to govern the world economy? How do you think these principles can be put in practice by the U.S., for example?

Keep the following points in mind:

  • The answers should demonstrate understanding of assigned reading materials.
  • The analysis is appropriate, and relevant examples have been cited.

The final exam consists of four (4) essay questions taken from Module, Each essay should be between 250 to 500 words.

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Microeconomics: How does the americanization of the globalization process
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