How do these cooking methods vary in relation to speed of

1. a. Describe the two main methods of cooking?

b. How do these cooking methods vary in relation to speed of cooking and general health?

2. Describe how heat is transferred or dispersed in food preparation? Explain each, providing examples of cooking methods within your response.

a. Conduction
b. Convection
c. Radiation

3. How is table salt harvested from the earth via these two methods? For each method, summarize and then compare and contrast.

a. Solution Mining:

b. Dry Salt Mining:

4. You are out to dinner with friends and one of them orders ceviche. The server tells you this food is safe to eat because it is "cooked" in acid. Explainwhat this food consists of. Could this type of food be potentially harmful? Explain.

5. a. Explain the similarities and differences in a convectionand a traditional oven.
b. Are cooking methods affected?

6. When measuring liquid and dry ingredients, explain the appropriate methods for measuring liquid and dry ingredients.

7. You are ordering food for a restaurant and need to serve 500 people each 2 ounces of asparagus. How much would you order? Use the two-step calculation and show your work.

8. You are a serving 300 people at your niece's wedding this weekend. Each guest will be served 6 ounces of chicken. How much would you, the caterer, order for the event? Use the same table as the question above.

9. What are the differences among types of meal service? Explain 4 types that interest you.

10. As you reach for your container of milk, you notice it has expired. What does the expiration date mean? Is the milk safe to drink? Explain.

11. The can of food you need for dinner has a sell by date that passed last week. What does the sell by date mean? Is the canned food safe to consume? Explain.

12. Critical thinking scenario: You are the foodservice supervisor for a local school district. When reviewing your budget you notice your wages far exceed your food costs. What does this mean? In reverse, what would it mean to have higher food costs in relation to wages? Explain what the food type, style and number of employees would "look like" in each scenario.

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Science: How do these cooking methods vary in relation to speed of
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