How can organisations demonstrate ethical behaviour when


Activity 1

1 What do you consider to be the essential (key) skills for the successful manager of a business?

2 What do you believe the characteristics of a good manager are? (Please note the distinction between skills and characteristics).

3 Why is it necessary for business organisations to have a management role?


Activity 2

1 What can you expect to happen if the values of the organisation do not match those held by the employees?

2 If there are conflicts between personal and business values how can they be overcome?

3 How can organisations demonstrate ethical behaviour?

4 When communicating with colleagues and giving instructions how do you know if you have been understood?

5 What feedback/ responses will demonstrate understanding?

6 How do you make allowance for diversity and difference?

7 We are all self-motivated. You cannot motivate someone else. You can, however, inspire, influence or enthuse others to motivate themselves. What do the statements mean to you?

8 What do you think motivates other people-are we all motivated by the same things?

9 What does this mean in terms of leadership roles?


Activity 3

1 Your organisation has been making some changes and you have been asked to take on the role of facilitator for a newly formed customer service team. The team will be made up of some recently appointed employees and a number of long-term employees. You know some of them quite well. From the list here, what actions would you take in developing this team?

2 What purpose does skills mapping have in managing team performance?

3 What do teams need to be able to operate effectively?

4 You have been asked to plan and organise health and safety training for the people in your work group. What are the steps you will take to develop the training plan?

5 Should good work be rewarded and recognised? Explain.

6 Why is support for individual development so important?

7 When developing training needs analysis, how can you assess employee competencies?

Written / Oral Questions

1 What behaviours should you demonstrate as a good leader in the workplace?

2 Explain the methods a leader can use to develop team commitment and cooperation.

3 Management and leadership are different roles, but they are not mutually exclusive. What does this mean?

4 Explain how a leader can manage a team's performance.

5 What impact do the following pieces of legislation have on your work?

o anti-discrimination legislation

o ethical principles

o codes of practice

o privacy laws

o health and safety

6 Why is it important for you to take responsibility for your own work tasks and ensure that you are getting feedback to fulfil your role?

7 Why should you not take it personally when confronted with a conflict situation in a team meeting?

8 Describe what conflict involves.

9 How do formal performance evaluations help workers to determine if their work is meeting the standards expected by their organisation?

10 How would you determine whether a response should be provided verbally or in writing?

11 Successful organisations have strong, committed, people oriented leadership. Describe the characteristics of such organisations.

12 Describe the way in which workers are treated in people centred workplaces?

Project 1

1 Research the many leadership styles. Select one style and write a report that describes the positive and negative attributes of the leadership style and how you identify with it.

2 You are the manager of a casino and you have been advised that the organisation is bringing in 20 new gaming machines, of which one is a new game that hasn't been launched or played in any casinos before. You have been sent a trial version of the new game but there are no training materials available yet.

Your team comprises:

o three internal staff trainers (one full-time and two part-time)

o three senior gaming attendants

o one gaming assistant

o one gaming manager

Your challenge is to get your team ready for the launch of the new game in six months. In order to do this you need to prepare a learning and development strategy that includes all these aspects.

Optimum file size should be less than 7MB (Separate file required with proper intext citation, references and table of contents)

3 Complete the following:

a. Explain how you can monitor staff performance.

b. Explain how you can provide feedback and suitable incentives to staff.

c. Explain how you can recognise and resolve performance problems in the workplace.

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