How are diamonds really formed

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Statement 1:

How are diamonds really formed and why are they so expensive?

Have you ever wonder why diamonds are so expensive? It is the way these minerals are created that makes it so expensive. Diamonds are made from ingenious rocks and they are naturally created in various unique ways.

A majority of diamonds is created 90 miles beneath the Earth's surface inside the mantle where it is over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The xenolith rocks in certain parts of the mantle go thru tremendous pressure from the blazing temperature and that is where diamonds are formed. This area is known as the "diamond stability zone". As magma travel quickly up the mantle and pass through the "diamond stability zone", xenolith rocks that contain diamonds erupt to the Earth's surface. This kind of volcanic eruption is very rare and that is why diamonds are so expensive.

You can read this article at the link below for the other three ways diamonds are formed:

How Do Diamonds Form? by Hobart M. King.

Statement 2:

Ocean Heat Waves

I've always had a good understanding that global warming was making just about everything warmer, but I didn't realize oceans had heat waves. Glaciers are melting, there are more hot days than cold, rain is almost nonexistent nowadays---our environment is hurting.

"Typically, scientists define a marine heat wave as at least five consecutive days of unusually high temperatures for a particular ocean region or season. These extreme temperatures can be lethal for marine species such as corals, kelp and oysters, and can wreak havoc on fisheries and aquaculture."

Our oceans heat waves are becoming a lot more common, and lasting far longer than they should.

Do you think there could be a way to combat this?

Article: Ocean heat waves are becoming more common and lasting longer By Carolyn Gramling.

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