Formulate a lp model-the project manager


Q: A project manager is in charge of 3 ongoing projects, A, B, and C. Due to recent reorganization, the project manager can assign additional employees to the 3 projects. Each employee who is assigned to a project can reduce the time to complete the project. The table below summarizes the data for the 3 projects. For instance, at most 5 employees may be assigned to project A. Each employee assigned to project A reduces the completion time by 3 days. (For example, if 3 employees are assigned to project A, its completion time is reduced by 9 days.) Total 11 employees are available. The project manager must maximize the least reduction among all 3 projects. For instance, if we can reduce the completion time of projects A, B, and C by 6, 8, and 9 days, respectively, the least reduction among all 3 projects is 6 days. Please formulate an LP model that helps the project manager assign the 11 employees. Please use GAMS to find the optimal solution and optimal value.





Maximum Number of Employees




Reduction of Completion Time (days / employee)




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Operation Research: Formulate a lp model-the project manager
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