For this assessment item you must produce matlab code which

Your task is to complete Assignment 1 (i.e. report the average power in an undisturbed stream of air for every single time that is listed), so you must provide each hour with an entry for all the variables except for Wind direction. This means you will need to process a total of 4 variables. Look up “nan” in the MATLAB help for assistance in functions pertaining to NaN.

For this assessment item, you must produce MATLAB code which:

1. Identifies which entries are missing.

2. Displays a message in the Command Window showing how many missing entries there are for each of the relevant variables.

3. Uses a range of methods for replacing the missing entries:

(a) sets the missing entry to zero

(b) uses the value from the previous entry

(c) uses the value from the next entry

(d) uses linear interpolation

(e) uses spline interpolation

4. Checks that none of the inserted values is non-physical (i.e. checks that all of the inserted values satisfy the physical properties of speed, temperature and pressure).

5. Displays a message in the Command Window with a brief assessment of how good each method is, whether it is suitable for the task of processing all 4 variables and why. You should also note which method you think is best and, if necessary, add any additional comments to justify that choice.

6. Uses the method that was chosen to be the best to create a complete data set for the 4 variables.

7. Displays a message in the Command Window showing the average power and the maximum power for the entire dataset.

8. Saves the complete dataset for the time and 4 variables to a text file and also a mat-file for future use.

9. Has appropriate comments throughout.

You must also use linear interpolation by hand to replace the second entry of wind speed (replace the known value in the second row of data with an interpolated value); submit this working in a pdf file. Your MATLAB code must test (verify) whether this value is the same as computed by the code for linear interpolation to replace the second entry.

 Assessment Criteria

Your code will be assessed using the following scheme. 

  • Quality of header(s) and comments 
  • Quality of identifying which are missing entries 
  • Quality of replacing the missing entries with an appropriate value 
  • Quality of checking entries 
  • Quality of discussion 
  • Quality of reporting
  • Quality of file output 
  • Quality of verification based on hand calculations 

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