Fatality rate for teenage drivers

The following argument gradually increase in difficulty. Use the method presented in this section to construct argument patterns. If a statement is redundant or plays no role in the argument, do not include it in the pattern.

1 The argument has been made that to cut down on teenage drunk driving we should increase the federal excise tax on beer.

2 Such a measure, however, would almost certainly fail to achieve its intended result.

3 Teenagers are notoriously insensitive to cost.

4 They gladly accept premium prices for the latest style in clothes or the most popular record albums. And then,

5 those who drink and drive already risk arrest and loss of driving privileges.

6 They would not think twice about paying a little more for a six-pack. Finally,

7 the situation is not as bleak as it has been made to appear.

8 The fatality rate for teenage drivers is lower today than it has been in years.


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