Explain why suitable for children in the early years


Picture book

- Ayu and the Perfect moon written by David Cox (Publisher: Walker Books, Australia)

Need to refer to the below readings

Brittain, I. (2004). An exploration into the portrayal of deaf characters and deaf issues in picture books for children.
Hyland, N. E. (2010). Social justice in early childhood classrooms: What the research tells us.

Lalvani, P., & Bacon, J. K. (2018). Rethinking. we are all special

1) Explain why suitable for children in the early years (need to represent the characters that represent difference and diversity)

2) Critically reflect on the way in which 'difference', and 'diversity' are presented in the book.

3) Are there any subtle or hidden forms of bias or injustice (e.g. discrimination, racism, sexism, ableism) evident in the book?

4) Design an activity to share and explain and/or demonstrate your strategies for using the book in a way that engages children in thinking about ethical and political factors

5) Developing recommendations and strategies for sharing your chosen book in a way that facilitates critical social justice education (that is, which uses a critical approach to education such as critical literacy)

6) Identifying the key considerations that helped you to arrive at your recommendations regarding this book (and that you can use for reviewing other books in the future.

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