Explain why insourcing has not successfully balanced

Write a 1000 word essay.

To receive a passing grade you must use SPECIFIC information from at LEAST 3 chapters of Outsourcing American by Ron Hira and Anil Hira (2005). it has to be the paperback version (2005), not hardback version

You must be sure to give the page number of any source, statistics, or page numbers that you use. Here is the essay question:

1. Explain why "insourcing" has not successfully balanced the outsourcing of American jobs.

For the paperback version of the book (preferred), use at LEAST 3 chapters from Chapters 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9

This essay has to be written clear where someone that did NOT read the book would understand the essay

Be sure to use specific examples from the book and include good details about each example. Everytime you use an example from the book, put the page number next to it like this for ex. (Hira, pg. 55)

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Finance Basics: Explain why insourcing has not successfully balanced
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