Explain the holmes would commit such a crime


Read these news articles:

Defense: Theater shooter killed to improve self-worth

In notebook read to jury, James Holmes wrote of ‘obsession'

After reviewing these materials, write an initial post that includes the following elements:

  • Attempt to explain the reasons why Holmes would commit such a crime against many persons.
  • Which of the theories discussed in this module (Textbook Chapter 2 and Online Lecture Content) do you think should be applied to Holmes' actions? Why?

Note: Use the concepts relevant to your selected theory to support your response. Possible theories to choose from include: rational choice theory, biological trait theories, psychological trait theories, social disorganization theory, strain theory, cultural deviance theory, social reality of crime theory, racial threat theory, learning theory, control theory, labeling theory, self-control theory, and continuity theory of crime.

Discuss your opinion on whether you support the sentence Holmes was given (life + 3,318 years)

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Business Law and Ethics: Explain the holmes would commit such a crime
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