Explain the differences between certain categories of crimes


You have been asked to explain the differences between certain categories of crimes. For each of the following categories of crime, provide a general definition of the category of crime and give at least 2 detailed examples of specific crimes that fall into each category:

Violent crimes

Crimes against persons

Crimes against property

Crimes of public morality

White-collar crime

Cyber crime

Then, for the following scenarios, discuss the categories of crimes involved in each scenario, and explain the specific criminal charges that you would apply to each scenario. You can utilize the Library, Internet, and other resources to research the criminal statutes of a state of your choice to help you determine which criminal charges should be applied:

David S. was running around a public park at 3 AM without his clothes on, singing and shouting loudly. Police arrived after neighbors called to complain. They saw David S. tipping over a garbage can and when they shouted for him to stop, he threw the garbage can into a car, breaking one of its side windows. The police arrested David S. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Gary M. was arrested by the FBI when he showed up at a local mall to meet a 14-year-old girl for a date, which he arranged over the Internet. He didn't know that the "14-year-old girl" was actually a 35-year-old male FBI agent.

Elaine R. was an accountant working for a large corporation. She had been falsifying the accounting records and sending some of the corporate funds to her own bank accounts in an offshore bank. The corporation found out what she had been doing and reported her to the police.

Your complete answer to this assignment should be 1 to 3 pages.

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