Explain the development stage of human development

Assignment:Research and analyse a developmental stage

You will choose a development stage of human development to research. In this research you will need to cover:

• Describe the developmental stage, which age, what are the major changes during this stage and how you might identify a person being in that particular stage

• Analyse and describe one theorist relevant to this stage of this development and describe what this theorist notes as the most important factors of this stage

• Describe an issue that could occur in this lifespan stage and describe how you could identify that this is not part of ‘normal' development.

• Describe how you would identify this issue and what steps you could take as a worker to help this person and/or its family overcome this issue.

• Discuss your referral options, where would you refer this person to (and/or its family), to which agency and why?

Response should be 1000 to 1500 words.



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